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What makes for a great Continuing Education instructor?
Potential instructors are passionate about the topic they wish to teach and have an experience background in the subject matter. From canning to dance to the history of North Dakota State parks, if it's your specialty, get in touch with us! Your audience will be adults, so we ask that you are prepared to answer a wide variety of questions on your subject.

How do I get a class approved and scheduled?
First, complete our instructor form. Your information will be reviewed by our team of program managers, they will use their program knowledge to determine if you and your proposed class are a good fit with the goals of Continuing Education. If so, you will be contacted by a program manager. The on-boarding process consists of a course form, face-to-face conversation, and completion of payroll forms (once a class is scheduled).

If we feel that the class is not a good fit, or that it's not the right time of year, a class may not be scheduled. In either decision, a program manger will reach out to you.

Courses are scheduled according to the Program Manager's assessment of participant interests and history of the subject success. Instructors are often rotated to provide a different approach on a subject and some courses are taught only during a specific term in the year. The scheduling of courses is a Program Manager's responsibility and we contract with an instructor for one term at a time without any implied future commitment.
  1. Look at your current catalog if the class (or something similar) is already being offered.
  2. Is your class idea offered elsewhere in the Bismarck/Mandan area? Competition against existing classes can lead to low enrollment and canceled classes.
  3. Is your class wide enough in scope to appeal to the general adult population? Who should attend?
  4. Classes cannot be designed to sell or recommend products from your business or promote consulting services and must be educationally based.
The deadlines to submit course information are as follows:

Spring:       March 1       
(classes start first Monday in May)
Fall:           June 24        (classes start first Tuesday in September)
Winter:     October 31   (classes start last Monday in January)

Please contact us at with any questions.

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