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How to Live Your Passion...Every Day!

Many people dream of doing what they're really passionate about full-time or incorporating it into their everyday life  but few people do. How do you discover your passion and make time for it? How do you take your passion and curiosity and make it into a lasting career or part of your everyday life? And how do you make a lasting difference in this world that becomes bigger than your individual efforts?

Stephanie Goetz will inspire you with her story of how she conceived, built, and is growing her passion of helping and empowering others through taking the steps of starting her own business to empower people. She teaches valuable lessons to executives, leaders and founders as she brings you through her own journey of navigating as a founder, to empowering great people around her to take her business & philanthropic work to new heights.

She will also teach you how to make a difference in the world through using this passion to help others. She will touch you deeply with her story, make you smile at her youthful naivete (believing she could do anything) and the wonderful challenges that come with launching a business or philanthropic effort. She will also talk about the lessons learned from building something meaningful that will help you get started on your own piece of world impact and provide a roadmap for how to build a lasting legacy.

Stephanie Goetz

Steph0StephanieGoetz9660.jpganie Goetz is an award-winning news anchor, executive speaker coach, philanthropist, accomplished speaker, and professional trainer. This Emmy-nominated broadcaster anchored and reported more than 5,000 newscasts at NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliates over 10 years.

She's now a media and communications expert who started the communications firm Goetz Communications. Stephanie brings focused, effective communication, leadership, presence, and speaking expertise to CEO's and executives at Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, top levels in law enforcement, and all walks of life. She's a TEDx speaker whose client list includes Microsoft, T-Mobile, Thomson Reuters, Northwestern Mutual, top architectural firms, and North Dakota's current governor.

Through her trainings, she challenges and empowers her clients to take powerful risks and re-think their perspective to live the life they were meant to. With her stories and experience, Stephanie will inspire you to find and LIVE your passion each day. She will give you the practical resources to tap into and use your unique talents - ultimately giving your life more fulfillment and meaning. It's time to get out of your comfort zone, expand your mind, and have fun in the process!