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Dakota Bison Symposium

The Dakota Bison Symposium will be an event that brings a diverse audience from across the state and region to experience and learn about the American Bison through presentations, panel discussions, film, art, tours, exhibits, music, dancing, and culinary arts. This three-day event is planned to take place September 2021 in Bismarck, North Dakota, and will be hosted by Bismarck State College (BSC). This event is the fifth in a series of symposia led by the college to promote the arts, humanities, and history through major topics that shape our culture and heritage as a state and nation, promote mutual respect for diverse beliefs, and broaden our understanding of humanity.

Committee members have begun planning the agenda, of which presentations will be chronological, beginning with ancient origins of the bison and arrival to North America; the cultural and historical significance of the bison to Native American peoples and settlers; the exploitation and destruction of the bison; and modern efforts to re-introduce and conserve bison herds from both a Native American and farming/ranching perspective, as well as health benefits of the return of the bison to Native American communities.

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Our Partners:
  • Bismarck State College Foundation
  • Indigenized Energy
  • NATIVE, Inc.
  • State Historical Society of North Dakota
  • Rockstad Foundation


The Dakota Bison Symposium is an exciting opportunity for you and your company to join Bismarck State College, the State Historical Society of North Dakota and NATIVE, Inc. as we seek to share the history and importance of the Bison on the Dakota Plains. A diverse group of collaborators has been working diligently since early in 2020 to plan a three-day symposium that will discuss the history, destruction and revitalization of the Bison. Become a sponsor today and join is as we aim to share the culturally significant history of one of North America’s most important species.

Gold Sponsor ................... $5,000
Silver Sponsor .................. $2,500
Supporting Sponsor ......... $1,000

To be included in symposium materials, logos and payment are due by Monday, August 30, 2021.


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