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Computer Requirements

Laptop Requirements

I. Purpose 
The purpose of the laptop initiative is to give students a learning environment that is mobile, efficient, and gives the best possible learning experience.

II. Hardware Requirements 
The following are minimum specifications for the laptop computer a student should purchase. The estimated initial cost for this computer ranges from $500.00 to $1000.00. The brand, model, shape, size and color are up to the student to decide. Carefully consider service and support options as laptop maintenance is the responsibility of the student. 
The requirement for CPU is that is supports Virtualization Technology. AMD or Intel based processors are acceptable as long it supports this feature and that it can be turned on, typically via the BIOS. 
Operating System: 
A Microsoft Windows based system is required. Chrome Books, Apple, Android, etc. can NOT be used. 
Hard Drive: 
512 GB minimum hard drive (SSD type drives are preferred)

16 GB minimum RAM with the ability to expand 
At least 2 USB ports available. 
1 – 8GB or higher USB/Flash drive is also required for the program
1 – 2TB or larger external hard drive 
Ethernet 10/100 or 10/100/1000 and Wireless 802.11 b/g/n. If the laptop does not have an Ethernet (wired network) port an adapter MUST be purchased. 
***These are the minimum requirements for laptops. Students may upgrade upon these options or choose to add other features as well. A laptop case or backpack suitable for laptops is highly recommended. The school is equipped with wireless and wired network access.*** 
III. Software Requirements 
Office – free through your BSC email  & VMware Workstation – Available for free through the school 
IV. Class Setup 
All laptops will be wiped clean and have Windows installed the first week of class. If you currently use this laptop for other things, please backup everything prior to class starting. All other drivers and software will be installed at that time so the laptops will be ready to go for the program. The laptops will be used for your duration of the program. 
V. Financial 
The actual cost of the computer you purchase will depend upon what and when you buy. The prices of computers and software change rapidly. As a new student, you must have your computer before you start classes. (Note: Financial aid can be used to purchase the laptop through BSC Bookstore)