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K-20W team nominated for Roaming Bison Award

Published: Nov 07 2018
K-20W team nominated for Roaming Bison Award - Photo
Bismarck State College is proud to be part of the team engaged in the mission of "Every Student, Cyber Education, K-PHD," an initiative that has been nominated for the Roaming Bison Award – one of the North Dakota Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Public Service. The specific goal of the initiative is to see that every student in every North Dakota school — “kindergarten through PhD” — receive a cybersecurity education.
This diverse team of more than 40 organizations is working together to make North Dakota the first state in the country to have integrated computer/technology and cyber science standards. Over the past year this group has worked to determine cyber curriculum, training models for teachers, state standards, state standards integration with computer/technology science standards, launch and pilot initiatives, apprenticeship programs, technology delivery platforms, post education life-long learning in workforce approaches and more. 
The group has attracted the attention of numerous organizations around the country now donating time and money to these projects.  In under a year, the group has drafted legislation, obtained academic partners and found private/public partnership opportunities. BSC is proud to be part of this effort to improve the lives of 200,000+ students in North Dakota.