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Policies and Procedures | Bismarck State College

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Policies and Procedures

The policies contained within this page are established by federal and state laws and regulations, the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education, the North Dakota University System and the Bismarck State College Office of the President. Also included are Policy Procedures and Operational Procedures established by the respective areas to facilitate the delivery of a service to the campus community.

Accounting & Finance

Capital Assets
Conflict of Interest
Contract Authority and Review
Credit/Debit Card & eCheck Transactions
Delinquent Accounts and Defaulted Perkins Loans
Electronic Financial Transactions
Facilities Usage
Food and Beverage
Gifted and Contributed Scholarships 
Outstanding Payments Due
Purchase Cards
Records Retention
Reimbursement of Expenses for Travel
Staff and Faculty Recruitment and Moving Expenses
Travel Advances
Tuition Waiver/Assistance for Employees
Use, Movement & Disposal of College Property

Campus Relations

Access to and Security of Campus Facilities
Animals On Campus - Service/Emotional Support/Pets
Campus Beautification
Campus Space Management: Office Moves
Drug-free Workplace
Facilities Usage
Guest Speakers, Movies, and Other Programs
Office Hours
Solicitations and Posting Materials
Speech, Expression, and Assembly
Tobacco Free Campus


Camera/Video Recording
Communication Equipment and Services
Digital Accessibility
Employee E-mail
Mac Technology
Mandatory Computer Anti-Virus Software
PC Office Application Software
Use of Computer & Network Facilities

Employee Compensation & Benefits

Early Retirement Agreements
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Service Award Program
Overtime Compensation for Nonexempt Employees
Payment Options
Payroll Change Form
Payroll Deductions
Salary Administration
Tuition Waiver/Assistance for Employees
Tuition Waiver for Spouse/Dependents of BSC Employees

Employee Relations

Admission of Incarcerated Persons Standardized Test Scores
Broadbanding System
Code of Conduct
Code of Ethics Statement
Conflict of Interest
Consensual Relationships
Constitution and Bylaws of the Staff Senate
Consulting and Public Services
Criminal History Background Checks - Job Applicants/Employees
Distribution of Policy Manuals
Employee Sponsored Charity Contributions
Flexible Work Hours
Hiring of Employees
Institutional Review Board
Intellectual Property
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodation
Nursing Mothers
Participation in North Dakota United
305.1 Policy Approval & Revision Policy
305.1 Policy Approval & Revision Policy Procedure
Return to Work Program
Sexual Harassment and Title IX Compliance
Sexual Misconduct
Significant Infectious Diseases
Staff Emeritus Status
Tuition Waiver/Assistance for Employees
Tuition Waiver for Spouse/Dependents of BSC Employees
Volunteer Duty

Faculty Relations

Adjunct Faculty Workload
Adjunct, Overload, Extended Day, 
and Special Duty Pay

Best Practices for Online Classes
Class Attendance
Communication Proficiency
CTE Certification
Definition of a Semester Credit Hour
Emeritus/Professor Emeritus Status
Faculty Grievances
Faculty Participation in Termination of Tenured Faculty due to Financial Exigency
Faculty Qualifications 
Faculty Rank
Faculty Senate Constitution and ByLaws
Faculty Workload
Granting of Tenure
Insurance and Retirement Benefits for Full-Time Faculty
Intellectual Property
Leave Without Pay for Faculty
Performance Evaluation of Faculty
Personal Leave for Full-Time Faculty
Revalidation for General Education
Sick Leave
Tenure Track Positions
Tuition Waiver for Adjunct Faculty


Distracted Driving Guidelines
Ergonomics Program Guidelines
Internal Communications
Pregnant and Parenting Students' Rights
Social Media Guidelines
Staff Dress Code
Staff Workplace Rights & Responsibilities

Safety & Security

Access to and Security of Campus Facilities
Accurate and Timely Reporting of Crimes
Crime Prevention Security Awareness
Emergency Notification
Essential Personnel - Campus Closings
Firearms and Weapons
Identity Theft Prevention
Law Enforcement Authority
Preparation and Disclosure of Crime Statistics
Theft, Fraud, Abuse and Waste Reporting
Timely Warnings
Video Security Cameras
Weapons on Campus


Off-Campus Travel of Student Groups
Reimbursement of Expenses for Travel
State Fleet Usage
Travel Advances


State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) Policies
North Dakota University System (NDUS) Procedures
North Dakota State University System (NDUS) Policy Manual (Staff) 
Broadbanding Procedures (Staff)