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Employee Benefits at BSC

There are a number of advantages to being part of our community: Our students are talented. Our alumni are engaged. Campus buzzes with excitement.

BSC is large enough to provide a comprehensive, competitive benefits package, yet small enough that each individual’s skills and talent contribute to the College’s overall success. We provide excellent opportunities for professional growth and career development in a comfortable, student-centered environment.

Employee Benefits at BSC

Annual Leave
Annual leave with pay for benefited full-time employees accrues based on a rate per hour and is earned on the basis of continuous service from date of employment as follows:

First through third year - the equivalent of 12 days per year
Fourth through seventh year - the equivalent of 15 days per year
Eighth through twelfth year - the equivalent of 18 days per year
Thirteenth through eighteenth year - the equivalent of 21 days per year
Over eighteen years - the equivalent of 24 days per year

Years of service shall be computed from employment anniversary date.
(North Dakota University System policy). Eligible upon employment.
Sick Leave
Sick leave, including maternity and family illnesses, is a benefit granted by the institution to staff employees and is not a benefit considered to be earned by the employee. It is an insurance benefit allowing employees to build a reserve of days they can use for extended illnesses. Sick leave for full-time benefited staff employees accrues based on rate per hour at a rate equivalent to twelve days per year.  Sick leave accumulation is unlimited. (NDUS Policy). Eligible upon employment. 

BSC employees receive 10 paid holidays a year (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas). (NDUS Policy 19). Eligible upon employment.

Funeral Leave

In case of death in the immediate family of an employee or spouse, employees are given up to 24 working hours of paid time off to make arrangements and attend the funeral. (NDUS Policy 20). Eligible upon employment.

Medical Insurance

Provided by ND Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and administered by Sanford Health, medical premiums are paid in full for single or family coverage. Provides group hospital, surgical, and medical protection. Enrollment must take place within 30 days of hire date to receive waiver of existing medical condition. Eligible upon employment and coverage starts the first day of the month after employment date.

State Life Insurance

The College provides $7,000 term insurance. Additional term life insurance (up to $400,000) for the employee can be purchased. Spouse and dependent coverage is available at group rates. Eligible upon employment and coverage starts the first day of the month after employment date.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Employees under the TIAA retirement plan are provided long term disability insurance under the Standard Insurance Company. Provides income to employees who are unable to perform job duties because of long term illness or accident. Eligible upon employment.

Retirement Plan

Office, Technical/Paraprofessional, Crafts & Trades and Service employees are covered under the ND Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) plan. The College contributes 12.26% of the employee's salary; the employee contributes 3%. Annual retirement benefits are based on pay and years of service. Normal retirement benefits at age 65. Death benefit for beneficiary. Eligible upon employment.

Administrative, Professional and Faculty staff are eligible for the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) retirement plan. The employee contributes at 3.5%, 4.5%, or 5%, depending on years employed, and is matched by the College at 7.5%, 12.5%, or 13%. Retirement benefits based on contributions and age at retirement. Eligible upon employment.

Social Security

Paid by college and employee. Retirement benefits based on current social security regulation. (U.S. Social Security Administration - Eligible upon employment.

Workforce Safety Insurance
Employees are protected by Workforce Safety Insurance against accidental injuries or occupationally incurred illnesses in the performance of their job duties (NDUS HR Policy 8). Eligible upon employment.
Jury Duty

An employee shall be allowed leave with pay for the jury or other legal duty when subpoenaed for such service. The employee may retain any compensation received for such duty. (NDUS Policy 20: Other Paid Leave) Eligible upon employment.


The library, open to the public and employees, is a member of Online Dakota Information Network (ODIN), a statewide library network linking many ND libraries. Eligible upon employment.

Leave Sharing Program

A catastrophic illness or injury can force an employee to exhaust all accrued leave. The Leave Sharing Program is a pool of sick or annual leave hours, donated by State employees, which can be awarded to eligible employees who exhaust their paid leave. (NDUS Policy 20: Other Paid Leave)

Flex Comp

Allows employees the opportunity to pay for medical and dependent care expenses with tax-free wage dollars instead of paying them with after-tax dollars. The plan is administered through ASI Flex. Eligible first of the month following employment date.

Educational Opportunities
All benefited employees shall be eligible for tuition waivers/tuition assistance for continuing education subject to the limits and regulations in the Tuition Waiver/Assistance Policy. A 50% tuition waiver for approved for-credit undergraduate classes offered by and taught at Bismarck State College is available to the spouse and/or dependents of a BSC benefited employee subject to the limits and regulations in the Tuition Waiver for Spouse/Dependents of BSC Employees.
Family Scholarship

Bismarck State College Foundation will provide a tuition scholarship to spouse, domestic partners and/or children of any benefited BSC employee. The scholarship amounts are based on academic history. Contact the Foundation office for specific guidelines and an application. Must be actively employed in a benefited position on the first day of each semester.

Employee Assistance Program

This service is free and confidential. Employees are allowed eight sessions per year, per issue, per eligible family member. This service allows employees the opportunity to talk to professionals trained to help with drug/alcohol assessments, marital or family concerns, 24/7 crisis line, financial counseling, emotional and behavioral concerns, work-related problems, etc.  EAP Website.

Available at Employee's Expense

Supplemental Insurance Policies through AFLAC

AFLAC Insurance policies are available for purchase for employees and their family. This would be accomplished through payroll deductions. Options include Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness and Short-Term Disability. Eligible upon employment and coverage starts the first day of the month after enrollment date.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental and vision coverage for the employee and their family can be purchased. This would be accomplished through payroll deductions. Eligible upon employment.


Additional Work Life Opportunities

  • Employee training and development opportunities 
  • Flexible work schedules and summer hours
  • Internal promotions and recruitment
  • Faculty and Staff Awards of Excellence - monetary awards given to employees for outstanding contributions to BSC
  • Jack Fellowship - a monetary award is given to one employee per year to underwrite the salary and/or expenses to engage in an educational experience that ultimately benefits BSC and its students.
  • Professional Development Grants Program
  • Years of Service Awards-employees receive service awards and certificates beginning with five years of service and are honored with each five-year increment. Dollar amounts of the service awards are determined by the number of years of service.
  • Discount of 25% (30% if using mystic dollars) at the BSC Bookstore.
  • With Employee ID, employees will receive 20% off regular-priced meals at Mystic Marketplace. Other exclusions apply; contact BSC Food Service for details.
  • Free admittance to some BSC events (i.e. music concerts, sporting events, etc.)
  • Flexible employee dress code 
  • Discounted movie tickets for Grand 22 Theatres are available from the Council of State Employees (COSE).
  • Discounts to local businesses are available to state employees through Council of State Employees (COSE).
  • Discount program for Delta Airlines.
  • BSC employees can purchase Microsoft Office to install and use on their home computers for $20.00-$25.00. It can be used as long as employed at BSC.
  • Free lunches sponsored by the Board of Governors and other groups
  • Free ice cream every Wednesday and Friday at the Student Union
  • Policies ensuring a safe environment - Emergency Procedure Guide
  • Wellness Programs: ND PERS Wellness Program, "A Healthy BSC Community," and "Building a Healthy North Dakota"
  • Discounted rates at the BSC Aquatic & Wellness Center
    • 12-month membership is 40% off the regular rate
    • 6-month membership is 30% off the regular rate

BSC is a Tobacco-Free Campus


Contact Human Resources at 701-224-5531 or email: