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Water & Wastewater

Description: The Industry Resource Connection is an online source of training aids and resources comprised of animations and simulations designed for training employees in the Water & Wastewater industry. Trainers and supervisors will find these Interactive Learning Tools (ILTs) valuable resources to enhance their training program.

Industry Resource Connection includes ILTs such as: Water Treatment Plant Overview, Virtual Potable Water Plant Tour, Ion Exchange, Clarifiers, Sedimentation Basin, Centrifuges, Titration Lab, PPE Equipment, LOTO Lab, Compressors, Valve and Pump Cutaways, Control Loop Controllers, Differential Pressure Filter, Ph Lab Activity, Chemistry Concepts, Electrical Symbols, Multimeter Lab.

License: Trainers will purchase a license which grants access rights and use of the online resource connection for internal company employee training. One license must be purchased per company facility. Each license grants access for up to 25 concurrent users. Click the link to the PDF below for license terms and conditions.

Term: Six months access will be granted within three (3) business days of registration.

Fee and Payment: $500.00. Credit Card or check payments are available.

Cancellations must be completed within 24 hours of receiving registration confirmation.


Questions? 701.224.2519, 800.852.5685 or bsc.energy@bismarckstate.edu

IRC License Agreement (document)
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