Technical Skills Workshops

plc_trainer.jpgNo open enrollment classes are scheduled at this time.  Call 701-224-5651 to schedule a company sponsored session.

Motor Control
Programmable Logic Controllers
Electrical Theory
Basic Hydraulics
Mechanical Drives

Enhance technical and troubleshooting skills and
Create more efficient and economical methods in the workplace

Taught by industry experts, these hands-on training workshop will utilize industry-approved equipment and trainers to teach techniques in an interactive environment.  The workshops will enhance the participants' skills by creating workplace scenarios in a safe setting.

  • Motor Control  
    • Topics of study include types of AC motors, motor controls, setup, and troubleshooting.  Three phase power systems used for motor control. Variable speed drives systems, setup, and troubleshooting.
  • PLC Basics  
    • Brief introduction to programmable logic controllers, controller set up, and basic program instructions and basic motor control.
  • PLC Programming  
    • Building on to the basic program instructions from PLC Basics workshop this training will cover PLC timers, counters, application development, event sequencing, and math functions.
  • Electricity I
    • Introduction to the laws and principles of electricity, including industrial circuits and basic troubleshooting techniques.
  • Electricity II
    • Building on Electricity I this course includes a more in depth look at motor control circuits, troubleshooting industrial circuits, variable frequency drives, and basic electronic components used in power generation and industrial industries.
  • Hydraulics I 
    • Introduction to the laws of hydraulics, hydraulic components, electrical hydraulics and basic troubleshooting techniques used for hydraulic circuits.
  • Mechanical Drives 
    • Introduction to basic mechanical systems including belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, motor set up and shaft alignment

  • New and Seasoned Technicians
  • Training Coordinators
  • Supervisors

Workshop Fee
1-4 Participants: $1600/Day + food (billed actual)
5-8 Participants: $2100/Day + food (billed actual)
Lodging and transportation are not included.

Need more information? Contact: or 701-224-5651 or 1-800-852-5685.