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Smart Grid Courses

Through a U.S. Department of Energy Grant, the National Energy Center of Excellence has collaborated with the Energy Providers Coalition for Education (EPCE) to enhance employees' ability to take on new job responsibilities and engage with new technologies and operation procedures for Smart Grid deployment.

Smart Grid, Smart Customer: This course is a non-technical overview of the smart grid and the enhancements it will provide both the consumer and the electric power industry.

Renewable Energy Sources and the Smart Grid: This course examines electricity production from various forms of renewable energy and provides a vision of the smart grid.

Operation Considerations for the Smart Grid: This course focuses on understanding the operational strategies for technicians who will install, control, monitor and maintain the smart grid.

Impact of the Smart Grid: This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the business impacts that affect decision making on the implementation, governing and operation of the smart grid.

What are the online course elements? These courses are self-paced and completed entirely online without an instructor. In the course, each unit contains self-check exams and/or quizzes so that each student may assess their own progress and identify topics upon which to focus. The student receives feedback for the questions answered incorrectly on the exams within the course.

What is the course schedule? The course is open for registration at any time. Participants will have access to the course until June 30. All registrations received the month of June will have access until June 30 of the following year. The participant will have access to the course within three (3) working days after registration.

Need more information? Contact the National Energy Center of Excellence at 701.224.2519, 800.852.5685 or and ask about our Smart Grid courses.

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