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Grow Your Own Workforce

80510120.jpgHow are you filling your employee pipeline?

Many companies struggle to recruit and retain skilled employees who are interested in long-term careers at an energy facility, at the same time companies are facing a loss of institutional knowledge due to retirements.  BSC can help fill the gap by providing the quality technical education needed to individuals interested in obtaining employment in a specific area.

Reaching the local population, creating interest in the opportunities, then training local talent most often will result in successful retention of employees.  A strong partnership between the company seeking employees and the NECE helps to fill the workforce pipeline.  Potential employees need to be aware of the opportunities available to them in order for them to be interested in enrolling at BSC!

Bismarck State College has several options to assist companies with recruiting local students to grow their own workforce: 
  • Provide sponsorships, scholarships or tuition reimbursement to students.  Students are concerned about the rising costs of a college education, and financial support is vital.
  • Provide job shadowing, mentoring or internship opportunities for students as they progress through a program.  Letting students know about job opportunities at your company creates interest.
  • Provide financial support to the NECE to host groups of students interested in visiting BSC to learn about energy programs.  This support can be used to assist rural schools with transportation and lunch costs.
  • Host "Energy Career Days" to invite high school students, parents, career counselors and instructors to the facility to generate interest in the careers and positions available.  BSC information will be available during these events. A BSC representative will also be available, per company request.
  • Mention BSC in letters to applicants who do not meet qualifications, indicating BSC offers online programs to meet company's position requirements.
  • Co-advertise in local media including company logo or statement of support of BSC programs, indicating the company recognizes the BSC programs and has hired graduates in the past. Click on the sample ads below which can be customized based on company needs:

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To discuss this exciting opportunity, please contact:
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