Building Highlights

img_1124.jpgThe National Energy Center of Excellence (NECE) is a spacious 106,200 square-foot building that serves as the national center of education and training for the energy industry.

The NECE is heated, cooled and ventilated from a geothermal system consisting of 504 wells that are 200 feet deep. The ventilation system, which provides outside air to maintain indoor air quality, is achieved by a total energy heat recovery system coupled to the geothermal piping system to have the earth preheat and precool the outside air without the use of electricity or gas.
  • Heat recovery system extracts unusable heat from the building and transfers this heat to the outside air
  • Temperature of underground loop ranges from 40F to 70F
  • Payback period for loop system is less than 10 years.
  • Energy efficient lighting system meets requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) without the certification.
  • Interior lighting: High efficiency T8 fluorescent lamps with multi-level switching and occupancy sensors. Compact fluorescent lamps used in downlighting.
  • Exterior lighting: High efficiency pulse start metal halide lamps provide good uniform lighting in parking lots and sidewalks without light spilling onto adjacent properties. Controlled via building automation system for efficient control of illumination.
  • Flexcrete, a construction material manufactured from fly ash, was donated by Great River Energy as a demonstration of the use of North Dakota fly ash as a building material. The Flexcrete material is recycled from coal combustion byproducts (which require disposal) and has been used throughout the interior of the building.
  • NECE sits on 7 acres of land donated to BSC by the City of Bismarck.
  • Wireless Internet capability and smart classrooms

1st Floor
Continuing Education, Training & Innovation (CETI) staff; Instructional Design staff; media studio; three classrooms, including Innovation Room; two computer labs; break room for students and employees.

2nd Floor
National Energy Center of Excellence employees, simulator training lab, WebLab display, four hands-on state-of-the-art training labs, six classrooms, computer lab, student study lounge.

3rd Floor
College administration offices, Great Plains Energy Corridor office, auditorium (seats 164), Energy Generation Conference (EGC) conference room, two IVN (Interactive Video Network) classrooms, four classrooms and other conference rooms and offices.

4th Floor
Bavendick State Room (seats 512), 6 breakout rooms (seats 36 - 64), one hands-on state-of-the-art training lab and one classroom.