Trying to figure out your future?

Trying to figure out your future?
Are you looking for a college education that gives you solid employment prospects and less time in the classroom, at a lower cost?  Consider enrolling in Power Plant Technology or Process Plant Technology and begin your future at Bismarck State College in January.

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Graduates from these programs have reported a 94% to 100% placement rate every year for the past five years, with starting wages as high as $21/hour.

Less time, less debt

Tuition and fees at Bismarck State College total about $3,600 per year, for a North Dakota resident attending school full time.
Compare that to the rates at the University of North Dakota or at North Dakota State University, which are about $8,000.
And you can earn an Associate's degree in just two years, meaning you'll graduate in half the time- at half the cost.

A full list of Bismarck State College tution and fee rates can be found here.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will my courses transfer?

It's easy to see what courses BSC will accept.

College level coursework from regionally accredited colleges or universities, or equivalent for international institutions, is eligible for acceptance in transfer.

Under the General Education Requirements Transfer Agreement, or GERTA, general education requirements completed at any North Dakota University System campus or North Dakota tribal college will transfer to another NDUS institution. Learn more about transferring within the University System.

Click here to see what courses will transfer.

If your courses are not on the list, they may still be accepted. Contact Kene Miller, Transfer Credit and Articulation Coordinator at (701)224-2545, (800)445-5073 or

You can learn more about transferring to BSC here.

How do I apply?

Get started on your application now.

As a new student to Bismarck State College, you will need to apply for admission and fill out a student verification form to enroll in an energy program. The steps are simple and you can get started here.

You must submit all official transcripts from any university you have attended, even if you did not complete a course. In many cases you will need to pay any outstanding debts before you are able to obtain a transcript.

When will I graduate?

Earn a degree in two years or less

You can complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in Power Plant Technology or Process Plant Technology in just two years. Coursework consists of technical courses as well as 15 credits of general education requirements. You can complete these requirements in just four semesters, potentially less.

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