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Accommodated Testing Form | Bismarck State College

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Accommodated Testing Form

Complete the Accommodated Testing Form below, which will be automatically sent to Testing Services. Deliver, email or send exam(s) to the Testing Services Office at least one day prior to testing. To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all the necessary information.
* Instructor Name  
* Building/Office Number  
* Email Address  
* Phone  
* Course  
* Student Name  
Directions for Monitoring the Test
* Last Day to take Exam/Quiz  
* Total Time for Exam/Quiz (Include Extended Time)   
* Exam/Quiz to be delivered to testing center via:  
Instructor or Designee name (if applicable)
* Routing of Completed Exam/Quiz  
Rerouting Email (if applicable)
* What is Allowed  

Notes/Formula Information (if applicable)
Additional Instructions/ Comments