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Student Organization Recognition Form

Advisor's of all BSC Student Organizations are required to complete this form by October 15th of each year or as soon as possible if starting a new organization.
BSC Student Organization
* BSC Student Organization Name  
* Date  
BSC Advisor
* First & Last Name of BSC Advisor Submitting this Form  
* Advisor's Email Address  
* Advisor's Phone  
President of your Organization
* President's First & Last Name  
* President's Email Address  
* President's Phone  
* President's Student ID Number  
Vice President of your Organization
* Vice President's First & Last Name  
* Vice President's Email Address  
* Vice President's Phone  
* Vice President's Student ID Number  
Secretary of your Organization
* Secretary's First & Last Name  
* Secretary's Email Address  
* Secretary's Phone  
* Secretary's Student ID Number  
Treasurer of your Organization
* Treasurer's First & Last Name  
* Treasurer's Email Address  
* Treasurer's Phone  
* Treasurer's Student ID Number  
CSO Representative
* First & Last Name of CSO Representative  
* Email Address of CSO Representative  
* Phone of CSC Representative  
* Student ID Number of CSO Representative  
Governing Documents
* Click the appropriate button  

* By typing my name, I acknowledge that I understand and will hold the student organization which I advise to all of the policies of Bismarck State College and the Student Government Association.