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Summer Operations Resident Assistant Application | Bismarck State College

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Summer Operations Resident Assistant Application

Summer Operations RA Job Description

*Indicates required field
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.
* Last Name  
* First Name  
* Student ID  
* Phone  
* Campus Email  
* Cumulative GPA (Please check Campus Connection for your cumulative GPA, do not guess. Minimum 2.5 is required for hire)  
* Will you be taking a summer class(s) in the Summer 2022 term? (Summer RAs are not required to be enrolled in any summer courses)  

* Have you filled out a Summer Housing Application?  

* Have you previously lived on campus?  

* Do you have any previous felony convictions?  

* Will you have employment outside of BSC during the Summer 2022 term? If yes, please explain:  

Please list your 3 most recent employers.

If you have fewer than 3, please print N/A in the box. Include: the employers name, the dates you were employed, your job title, and a rundown of your job duties.

* Employer 1  
Dates Employed
Job Title
Job Duties
Employer 2
Dates Employed
Job Title
Job Duties
Employer 3
Dates Employed
Job Title
Job Duties

Please provide a professional reference – an individual who can attest to your character and work ethic.

Applicants who do not provide an acceptable reference will not be considered for an interview.

  • Examples of acceptable references: employer, teacher, professor, religious leader, volunteer supervisor.
  • Unacceptable references: parent or other family member, friend, fellow student, significant other, Resident Assistants and Residence Hall Coordinators.
* Reference Name  
* Reference Email
(your reference will receive a reference form to be returned to the Student Life Office)
* 1. What are the top two reasons you are applying for this position?  
* 2. How would you develop personal relationships with and make your residents/conference members feel welcome?  
* 3. How would you serve as the face of BSC during registration days?”  
* 4. How would you build relationships with incoming students and others during registration days?  
* 5. What experience do you have in providing tours and administrative support?  
* 6. Are you familiar with campus and/or BSC housing policies?  
* 7. How would you describe the way you communicate with others?  
* 8. The Summer Operations RA role is a challenging role. Based on what you know about the role, what do you feel will be the most challenging aspect of the position?  
* 9. What personal or professional trait do you consider to be your greatest strength and why?  
* 10. What personal or professional trait do you consider to be your weakness and why?  
* 11. The Summer Operations RA position is approximately a 20 hour per week job. Will you be able to work this amount of time each week?  

If no, please explain:
* 12. Summer Operations RA Training is May 16-18, 2022. Are you available for the entirety of this mandatory training?