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Summer Conference Registration | Bismarck State College

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Summer Conference Registration

* Indicates required field.
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.
* Name of Group :  
* Contact Person:  
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Contact Fax:
Other Contact Information:
* Address:  
* City:  
* State:  
* Zip Code:  
* Date & Time Arriving:  
* Date & Time Departing:  
* Number of Individuals Attending:  
* Total Number Of Rooms Needed:  
* Total Single Rooms:  
* Total Double Rooms:  
* Hall Preference:  

Please Note: When applying certain halls may already be reserved:
* Do you need us to provide linens:  

Please Note: Linens include 2 sheets, 1 blanket and 1 pillowcase. Towels are not provided.:
* Will you be utilizing Food Service:  

If Yes: Please contact the Food Service Manager at 701-224-5452: