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Academic Record Drop/Withdrawal Appeal

This form allows students the opportunity to appeal a transcript grade following a course drop, a withdrawal to zero credits, or past the last day to drop with record due to extenuating circumstances (medical, military, death in immediate family, natural disasters, etc). 

General Information:

  • Complete the Academic Drop/Withdrawal Appeal form below.
  • Submit supporting documentation to the Academic Records Office:
    • In person: Academic Records Office - Schafer Hall
    • By mail: BSC, Academic Records, PO BOX 5587, Bismarck ND 58506
    • Fax number: 701.224.5643
    • Email: (must come from your BSC e-mail account)
  • Please allow up to 7 working days to process. 
  • Postal mail confirmations with the results, will be sent to the student by the Academic Records office. 

Reason for Denial of an Appeal

  • If the appeal is not received within the allotted time frame as outlined in the Academic Records Drop/Withdrawal Appeal Policy.
  • Failure to follow proper drop/withdrawal procedures.
  • Lack of knowledge of applicable dates and deadlines.
  • Changes in job, work schedule or employment (*unless related to a natural disaster with sufficient documentation).
  • Failure to verify class schedule and/or schedule changes.
  • Non-attendance of class(es).
  • Personal errors in judgment regarding:
    • Availability of finances to pay associated charges
    • Class work load and academic ability
    • Time management
    • Availability of transportation to and from class
  • Dissatisfaction with course content or method of instruction. If appealing is for this reason, please contact the Dean of Academic Affairs at 701.224.5486.
  • Inadequate, late application or loss of eligibility of financial aid, scholarships, or third party authorization.
  • Non-receipt of information/notices sent to student's email and/or USPS address.
  • Not benefiting from:
    • A fee (e.g. wishing to appeal the mandatory/student/class/course/program fees)
    • Course credits in regard to degree requirements or changes in major
  • Lack of proper, descriptive documentation.

Note: Remember the burden of proof is on you. The more complete, and specific you can be, the less chance of misunderstanding and the better the Academic Records Office can perform their task.

* Indicates Required Field. Note: Some fields are masked for your security. 
* First Name:  
Middle Name:
* Last Name:  
* Date of Birth (00/00/0000):   
* Student ID:  
* Street Address:  
* City:  
* State:  
* Zip:  
* Phone (555-555-5555):  
* Email:  
* Do you receive GI Bill benefits:  

* Drop/Withdrawal Term:  

View your class schedule in CampusConnection to ensure the following information is complete. Appeals will not be processed if courses are not listed below.

Action Requesting Definitions

Appeal Action Requested Description
Grade to W Removal of current letter grade and change to Withdrawal with (W) record on transcript
Grade to No W Removal of current letter grade and change to Withdrawal without record on transcript
W to No W Removal of current Withdrawal with (W) record on transcript and change to Withdrawal without record on transcript

Course Appeal #1

* 1) Subject (ex ENGL):  
* 1) Catalog # (ex 110):  
* 1) Class # (ex. 10258):  
* 1) Class Title (ex. College Composition I):  
* 1) Action Requesting:  
* 1) Last Date of Attendance:   

Course Appeal #2

2) Subject:
2) Catalog #:
2) Class #:
2) Class Title:
2) Action Requesting:
2) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #3

3) Subject:
3) Catalog #:
3) Class #:
3) Class Title:
3) Action Requesting:
3) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #4

4) Subject:
4) Catalog #:
4) Class #:
4) Class Title:
4) Action Requesting:
4) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #5

5) Subject:
5) Catalog #:
5) Class #:
5) Class Title:
5) Action Requesting:
5) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #6

6) Subject:
6) Catalog #:
6) Class #:
6) Class Title:
6) Action Requesting:
6) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #7

7) Subject:
7) Catalog #:
7) Class #:
7) Class Title:
7) Action Requesting:
7) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #8

8) Subject:
8) Catalog #:
8) Class #:
8) Class Title:
8) Action Requesting:
8) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #9

9) Subject:
9) Catalog #:
9) Class #:
9) Class Title:
9) Action Requesting:
9) Last Date of Attendance:  

Course Appeal #10

10) Subject:
10) Catalog #:
10) Class #:
10) Class Title:
10) Action Requesting:
10) Last Date of Attendance:  
* Appeal Reason/Suggested Documentation:  

* Explanation for Academic Records Appeal:  
* I undertand that a denied appeal drop/withdraw application for the current term will be processed as a regular withdraw. All dates and deadlines for a regular withdraw will be followed.   
* I accept all academic and financial consequences resulting from this appeal.   
* Signature: I certify to the best of my knowledge that the information on this form is true and complete without evasion or misrepresentation. I understand that if found to be otherwise, it is sufficient cause for rejections or dismissal:  

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