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Energy Services and Renewable Technician Student Agreement Form | Bismarck State College

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Energy Services and Renewable Technician Student Agreement Form

Hands-on Requirement

As an enrolled student in the online Energy Services and Renewable Technician program, you are required to complete a hands-on component as part of the ESRE 228 course.

Energy Technician Application and Troubleshooting Course

This course consists of both theory and hands-on requirements. The reason for this component is to provide graduates with competencies required for employment.

Review the two options, then submit your agreement and method of completion below.

BSC Campus (Limited to 12 students): The lab activities are offered at the BSC campus the week of spring break. Students should plan to attend Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 4:30 each day. Students are responsible for additional costs including but not limited to travel, lodging, meals etc. If student is using financial aid, please contact the BSC Financial Aid office to verify the possibility of additional aid eligibility.

Remotely: If a student is currently employed in a position associated with the Energy Services and Renewable Technician industry, he/she may complete the hands-on requirements outlined below remotely. If the student's employment status changes or the ability becomes unavailable, the student is required to attend the hands-on requirements offered at the BSC campus and follow the requirements noted above. The hands-on requirements completed during the week of spring break are limited enrollment and filled according to request date and available openings.
Hands-on requirements completed remotely must be completed physically, not observed. Students will be required to submit videos performing the following:
  • Safety
    • Fit and put on the proper personal protective equipment for a climb.
    • Perform a climb wearing the proper PPE.
    • Safely perform an absence of voltage check (Hot-Cold-Hot Check) using a multimeter, and wearing the proper PPE.
  • Mechanics
    • Set up an electric motor on a base and properly level and correct soft foot.
    • Install a coupling on the motor and the load the motor will be running.
    • Align the two shafts properly.
  • Hydraulics
    • Identify a hydraulic pump and pressure regulator in a system.
    • Install and connect a hydraulic cylinder motor.
    • Operate a hydraulic system to actuate a cylinder or motor.
    • Assess how an electro-hydraulic system operates and write a short paper on its operation.
  • Motor Control
    • Electrically connect a three phase motor.
    • Connect a three phase motor to a motor starter and control system.
    • Connect a three phase motor to a Variable Frequency Drive.
    • Operate a Variable Frequency Drive
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Set up a PLC System.
    • Enter or examine a basic motor control PLC program.
Additional Remote Option Details:
  • Requirements can be worked on prior to start date of ESRE 228 course but must be completed by the Friday before the final week of the course. Specific dates will be provided to the student.
  • Student must resubmit this agreement indicating if he/she wants to attend the labs at BSC campus. The campus lab is limited to 12 students and the change will be approved upon availability.
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information