Off Campus Meal Plan Application

The Off-Campus Meal Plan is available only during  Fall and Spring Semesters.

Thank you for taking time to apply for an Off Campus Meal Plan.
  1. Fill out application and submit
  2. This application will be reviewed by the Office of Student Finance.
  3. The Office of Student Finance will contact you within 24 hrs regarding payment and contract signing.
The meal plan is a declining balance plan. Each time you use your student ID card, the total dollars used is subtracted from the declining balance account you enroll in each semester. Students with a balance on their meal plan account at the end of each semester will receive a refund. The credit for the meal plan account will be posted to your student account in Campus Connection.

One contract per semester--to pay for meals after contract usage has been met. Students may load Mystic Dollars on their student ID (accepted at Mystic Markeplace, Mystic Java and the BSC Bookstore) or use cash, credit card or check card.

If you have any questions, please call Student Finance at 224-2678 or email

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