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NUCP Student Waiver and Application

The Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program was developed to quantify the need for nuclear plant workers, define industry approved curriculum, and implement the right number of programs. The intent is that graduates could be waived or exempted from portions of required initial training at a nuclear facility. An agreement between Exelon and Bismarck State College will allow Nuclear Power Technology students an opportunity to credit their education for training elements once employed in a nuclear plant. This type of industry partnership will help provide the next generation of highly skilled workers for the nuclear industry. NUCP is managed by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).


Students who successfully complete nuclear uniform curriculum certificate criteria will receive a National Academy for Nuclear Training Certificate. The certificate states that the student has successfully completed nuclear fundamental training objectives and allows certified students to bypass duplicate fundamental training topics once employed in a nuclear facility. Students who begin the Nuclear Power Technology Program at BSC in the fall of 2011 will be eligible to receive the certificate upon successful completion of this program in 2013.

Certificate criteria:

  • Students must complete each core course topic with a minimum of 80%.
  • Students must earn a true grade without curve or other grade inflation.
  • Students did not receive transfer credit from another educational institution for courses containing ACAD 08-006 learning objectives.
  • Students must complete core courses that include all required ACAD 08-006 learning objectives.
  • Students must graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

NUPT Core Courses

NUPT 103 Nuclear Mathematical Fundamentals
NUPT 105 Classical Physics
NUPT 109 Electrical Science
NUPT 113 Mechanical Science
NUPT 217 Heat Transfer Fluid Flow & Thermodynamics
NUPT 215 Nuclear Plant Chemistry
NUPT 219 Material Science
NUPT 111 Instrumentation and Control
NUPT 221 Science of Radiological Protection NUPT 223 Reactor Safety Design
NUPT 225 Nuclear Plant System Components, Design and Function


Students are encouraged, but not required to earn the NUCP Certificate. Students who wish to earn the certificate must meet the grade requirements. If the grade requirements are not met, students have the option to retake the course. Students are required to work with their appropriate funding source if retaking a course is necessary, as students are responsible for the tuition for the course each time they enroll.

I understand that industry may include any or all of the following nuclear pre-employment eligibility and internship requirements: positive result from an aptitude test, full 5 year federal background check, psychological testing, drug and alcohol testing, fingerprinting for FBI criminal investigation, and physical if necessary for the position. Industry is solely responsible for facilitating the employment/internship prerequisites.

* Indicates Required Field
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.
Nuclear Power Technology Application Form
You must provide verification for being prepared for college-level
courses. A student is considered college-level with an ACT composite
of 19, a COMPASS score of 51, or an Accuplacer score of 109.
Students needing to take transitional courses in Math, English, or
Reading will not be eligible for admission into the program until those
courses have been completed.

Nuclear Power students will need to complete each core course topic
with a minimum of 80%. Students are required to complete the AAS
degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Nuclear Industry Requirements:
To be employed in the nuclear industry, the following requirements
must be met:
  • Meet and maintain requirements for unescorted nuclear power plant access.
  • Pass criminal background check.
  • Pass medical exam.
  • Pass psychological exam.
  • Pass drug screening.
EMPLOYMENT RECORD (start with the most recent):