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Opportunity Waiver

Opportunity Waiver Application/Procedure

Pursuant to SBHE Policy 820, BSC may offer a waiver to BSC to students meeting certain eligibility requirements.
Opportunity Waivers are intended to encourage enrollment of a culturally diverse student body for the benefit of all students and the academic community.
Waiver Details:
  1. Waiver may be awarded up to $1,250.00 tuition reduction per semester (Fall and Spring only) 
  2. Award is limited to 4 semesters for an Associate Degree and up to 8 semesters for a Bachelor Degree.
  3. Student is responsible for fees, textbooks, and other costs
  4. Student must be enrolled in courses and making progress toward a degree
  5. Student must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits
  6. Awards are first-come, first-served
  7. Funding is limited.
  8. Fall applicants must apply by August 1 of the academic year in which they will enroll
  9. Spring applicants must apply by January 1 of the academic year in which they will enroll
Eligibility Requirements:
  1. The Opportunity Waiver provides educational opportunities to students from, but not limited to Indian tribes and economically disadvantaged students, for the benefit of all students and the academic community, to promote enrollment, and for other purposes consistent with BSC’s polytechnic mission.
  2. International students do not qualify
  3. Applicants must apply and be accepted for admission
  4. Student must be degree seeking at BSC
  5. Student must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits
  6. Conferred high school diploma or GED
  7. Students who have third-party aid (tribal funding, Job Service, employer or other scholarships) above the cost of tuition, fees, books, housing, tools and supplies may not qualify.
  8. Applicants must complete an essay regarding what goals they plan to achieve at BSC and how the Opportunity Waiver will support those goals. 
Renewal Criteria:
  1. Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  2. Award can be applied up to 4 semesters to complete an Associate degree and up to 8 semesters to complete a Bachelor degree
Application Process:
  1. Student must meet all BSC admission requirements and be accepted for enrollment.
  2. Completed waiver is submitted to the Committee for initial review. 
Selection and Awarding Process:
  1. The Review Committee will select applicants based on eligibility criteria.
  2. Student Finance will apply the waiver.
  • Students who withdraw will be subject to the refund policy consistent with NDUS policy 830.2 and will be responsible for any outstanding balance on their student account.
  • Renewal/Continuation of the waiver program will be at the discretion of the Executive VP.
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.