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Practical Applications - Student Agreement Form

Job Shadowing and/or Lab Exercises Requirements
As an enrolled student in the Power Generation Technology, Process Technology, Petroleum Production Technology or Water & Wastewater Technology program, you are required to complete job shadowing and/or lab exercises to successfully complete the Practical Applications course and the program. 

Practical Applications (final semester course)
One component of the Practical Applications course is the completion of a “Practical Applications” (competency) workbook. To complete the workbook, job shadowing or “hands-on” lab activities must be completed at an energy site or in the NECE lab on the campus of BSC. The reason for this component is to provide graduates with competencies needed when working at an energy site.

Job Shadowing at an Energy Site
Students hoping to go to an energy site (job shadowing) to complete the course and required competency workbook will need to visit with the instructor within the first week of their last semester. Be advised: 80 hours is the typical amount of time required to complete the job shadowing at an energy site or facility. You may have to use vacation if you are currently employed. Energy site/facilities related to the program in which you are enrolled might not be close to your home and may require travel.

Please keep in mind that there are a limited number of openings for students to job shadow at an energy site. Also, organizing time in any energy-related site requires time for scheduling and planning. Sometimes up to two months lead-time is required. Even though you are not near the end of your time in the program, please consider your job shadow options early in the program.

Current Industry Employment
If you are currently employed at an energy-related company, the workbook competencies might be completed there. A supervisor will need to be available to communicate with the Practical Applications instructor to ensure the approval can be obtained to complete the requirements at the site.

If you are not in the final semester, please take some time to consider your options now to ensure you are prepared for this program requirement. Students having unique circumstances not outlined in this email, must communicate with the instructor at the start of the Practical Applications course.

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