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BSC team pedaling for a cause

Published: Apr 06 2017
BSC team pedaling for a cause - Photo
Come Saturday, 15 BSC employees, alumni, friends and family will be spinnin’ and grinnin’ at Legacy High School. Spinnin’ because of their participation in the Sanford Health Great American Bike Race (GABR). Grinnin’ because of the funds they are raising to support children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other related childhood-onset conditions that affect development.
BSC Team Jose’ will be riding for its 10th year in GABR. For both current and former riders, pedaling in this race is personal. Their team is named in honor of BSC Associate Professor of Science and initial team member Yvette Matthews’s son, who like many kids and young adults, has benefitted from funds raised by GABR.
Team Captain and BSC Associate Professor of Art Brian Hushagen said that in the early years, the bikers were all BSC employees and students.
“Two of my sons, BSC alums Reuben and Sean, each rode for two years,” Hushagen said.
Over the decade, race requirements grew from 10 members to 15. Since student riders graduate and moved on, BSC Team Jose’ has reached out beyond campus to recruit additional bicyclists. Alumni, friends and family were eager to jump on a stationary bike and spin 20-minutes for the cause.
BSC Team Jose’ has been a Top 50 Fundraising Team in the past three years, a title that guarantees them a slot in the race each year. They are shooting for the top 50 again this year with a fundraising goal of $3,000.
This year’s team members are Hushagen, BSC visual arts instructor Andrea Fagerstrom and BSC art lecturer Alison Hein, along with their friends and family Jenna Hein, Beverly Everett, Rhett Paul, Debbie Schoepp-Erhardt, Lisa Gruebele, Kristin Kleinjan, Dan Szklarski, Bill Van Oosting and Desiree Bourgois Van Oosting.
GABR has raised over $3 million since its inception in 1997. Last year GABR raised more than $406,000 from 106 teams who raced for a combined 8,001.19 miles.
To contribute to BSC Team Jose’, visit their team fundraising page.