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BSC Boomers will be missed

Published: Jun 14 2016
BSC Boomers will be missed - Photo
BSC is caught up in the national exodus of baby boomers from the workplace. Reports say up to 10,000 boomers retire every day in the U.S. The 15* we’ll lose here by the end of 2016 are more than enough. These folks are part of the longest working, most youthful, idealistic and largest generation we’ve known. And at BSC, they take with them a combined 411 years of experience.

President Skogen often notes that we are preparing students for a world we can’t even imagine. It’s likely our retirees couldn’t imagine today’s world when they began their careers here. The tenure of 50-year-retiree Mike McCormack alone spans from abacuses to smart phones!

Through every change that came along, these long timers did right by our students, employees and community, making a difference in the lives of thousands. We are grateful to them all.

Mike McCormack, history professor
James Wright, Business Department chair
Debbie Van Berkom, executive assistant to the president
Richard Malsam, associate professor of Automotive Collision Technology
Rev. Marv Mutzenberger, associate professor of sociology

Mike Wavrin, BSC Food Service manager
Katherin Netzer, assistant professor of English
Dr. Drake Carter, provost and vice president for academic and student Affairs
Patrick Bjork, web manager
Dr. Henry Reigler, Social Sciences, Humanities & Education chair
Vicki Voskuil, public information specialist
Dan Landeis, assistant professor, National Energy Center of Excellence

Read about each of our retirees and the impact they've had on BSC in the Spring 2016 issue of BSC Magazine.

*12 retirees in spring/summer 2016, 3 retirees in fall 2016