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EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2018 is now available | Bismarck State College

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EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2018 is now available

Published: Feb 07 2018
The EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2018 presents yearly modeled projections and analysis of energy topics.

The Annual Energy Outlook provides long-term energy projections for the United States
  • Projections in the Annual Energy Outlook 2018 (AEO2018) are not predictions of what will happen, but rather modeled projections of what may happen given certain assumptions and methodologies.
  • The AEO is developed using the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS), an integrated model that captures interactions of economic changes and energy supply, demand, and prices.
  • Energy market projections are subject to much uncertainty, as many of the events that shape energy markets and future developments in technologies, demographics, and resources cannot be foreseen with certainty.

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