Energy Day in Bismarck addresses workforce, community development in oilfield

 Mar 09 2017
Energy Day logo
BISMARCK — The challenge in 2017 for the oil industry will be to expand the workforce to handle the wells that will be drilled, said Trey Wilson, chairman, CEO and president of MBI Energy Services, an oilfield service provider. “Based on our outlook, we’ll be adding hundreds of jobs this year at our company and our competitors are doing the same,” he said. “The challenge is growing the workforce that’s been dramatically reduced."

Wilson was a speaker at Energy Day, held Tuesday morning at the North Dakota State Capitol in Bismarck. Beyond the workforce, the event addressed community development, the economic impact of oil in North Dakota, world markets and state tax revenues.

 Wilson told attendees drilling activity is expected to be high in 2017 — up to 85 wells per month. “Drilling activity is a huge driver of the need for oilfield services and employment,” he said.


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