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Golden’s star rises on national stage | Bismarck State College

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Golden’s star rises on national stage

Published: Jul 23 2019
Golden’s star rises on national stage - Photo
Rising Star Jack Golden’s story is very “BSC-centric” he says. Golden was an Eagle Scout but says he wasn’t a great student. He didn’t know what he wanted to do after high school, so he enrolled at Bismarck State College and took business and political science classes. He thought maybe he’d major in economics.
A theatre class changed everything. He was surprised to find he liked the class, and it led to a scholarship, which required he take part in a BSC theatre production. His single goal was to avoid a stage role. He was cast as a deck electrician.
“I remember very clearly the first day working on the show. I remember being so thrilled. It was so much fun, so interesting. When I told friends about it, I was almost dancing with joy.”
Despite that reaction, it took him a while to commit to theatre. Golden comes from a family of lawyers. In fact, his parents are judges.

Dean Bellin, BSC associate professor of technical theatre, pushed him toward the inevitable. “He said, ‘Jack, you’re a theatre major. If you walk like a duck and talk like a duck, you’re a theatre major.’”

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