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Artist reception set for Nov. 27 at BSC Gannon Gallery | Bismarck State College

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Artist reception set for Nov. 27 at BSC Gannon Gallery

Published: Nov 17 2017
Artist reception set for Nov. 27 at BSC Gannon Gallery - Photo
An oil painting art exhibit titled “Prairie Impressions” by artist Nicole Gagner is on display at Bismarck State College through Nov. 30 in the Gannon Gallery on the second floor of Skogen Hall.

The public is invited to a reception for the artist on Monday, Nov. 27, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the gallery.
Gagner is an oil painter, living and working in Bismarck, N.D. She paints mainly from life, preferring plein air and composed still life subject matter, with use of exaggerated color and a heavy brushstroke.
“A fleeting moment can be both sustained and elevated. Heightened color choices and exaggerated textures both highlight the physical craft element of the art, while also evoking a nostalgic felling of a far-off memory,” says Gagner whose subjects range from the changing landscape of North Dakota to chronicles of her gardening and pantry misadventures.
“I grew up in a family of people who were handy with a bit of everything–learning craft was merely a rite of passage. Oil painting is a perfect way to take disposable subject matter that is often thoughtlessly consumed or discarded and make it a permanent, beautiful and cherished object,” she says.
Gagner studied in Augusta, Ga., and in Italy and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Augusta State University. She has exhibited extensively in Georgia and South Carolina and is a member of the Bismarck Downtown Artists Cooperative and an artist member of Bismarck Art & Galleries Association.