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The Davidsons: A family of full-time BSC students | Bismarck State College

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The Davidsons: A family of full-time BSC students

Published: Feb 01 2019
Davidson Family
At the Davidson home in Bismarck, dinner is on your own these days.  It was the first thing to go when all six members of this close-knit family enrolled at Bismarck State College.

“I do miss dinner time,” says daughter Meagan, age 20.

While the “Davidson dorm” may not have a meal plan per se, it has plenty of benefits. The parents take care of the groceries, mom Bridget takes the lead on family laundry most weekends, everyone has their own room, and, with the whole family balancing school and work, camaraderie abounds.

Meagan, Lexus and Amanda are triplets; Petra is the youngest daughter. All of the girls have part time jobs. Bridget and dad Micah both work full time. Bridget is at Legacy High School in Bismarck; Micah works in technology for the Bismarck Public Schools. All six are full-time BSC students.

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