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Love for OLLI


Members share why they love OLLI@BSC 

OLLI CE ClassroomMarc and Margaret Fiechtner have been members of OLLI for several years. “We initially signed up for lectures that sounded interesting, soon realizing that many of the lectures we attended were not to be missed! I don’t think that any of the classes were disappointing. We pass the word to all friends and acquaintances whom we think would enjoy being part of OLLI.” 

Dina Butcher initially joined because her husband was enjoying courses so much. Then, she was invited to share her family’s Holocaust history in a class that the late Herb Wilson, M.D., taught. She was drawn in by the interest of those who attended and the rest of Dr. Wilson’s course. “I love the engagement of fellow participants and the sharing of what their life’s experiences or professional involvement bring to the discussions. And, the presenters are so enthused about their subject matter. I am among the many Jason Matthews over-aged groupies. There has not been a dud among those I have attended.” 

At OLLI there are no examinations or grades. Faculty are experts in their fields and enthusiastic about teaching OLLI members, who bring a broad range of life experiences and knowledge to enrich the exchange of ideas. 

To learn more or to become an member, visit the OLLl pages.