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Winter 2020 | Bismarck State College

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Winter 2020

Editor's Note


I look forward to winter. I’m a born and bred North Dakotan, and I’m not afraid of the cold or the dark. It’s a time to read more books, connect with family in front of the fire or with friends over a stew that's been simmering all day. It’s a time to slow down and, with the right ankle-length down coat, knee-high boots, insulated gloves and fuzzy hat, I’m a happy hibernator. 

But this darn campus is throwing a wrench in all that. It’s busy here! First, President Skogen is retiring after 13 years. Not only will we miss him, some of us also envy the slower pace he’ll enjoy after June 30. With that departure, our presidential search is in high gear, involving many on campus and in the community. The new president will be named in late March, and I look forward to introducing her or him to you in the Summer issue of this magazine. In the midst of the search, our Mission Expansion Taskforce is meeting regularly to figure out how we’ll transition into a polytechnic model as directed by the State Board of Higher Ed. It takes a lot of strategizing to turn a ship this large, but our team of faculty, community members and employees is up to it. We’ve also launched an eSports team, expanded our Health Sciences programs with a new space, and, humming alongside all that is the ongoing, rewarding work of educating and supporting our 3,800+ students. 

Learn more about all of the above (and more) in these pages. Thanks for reading and keep warm!  

Marnie Piehl, Editor