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Winter 2018-19 | Bismarck State College

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Winter 2018-19

Editor's Note

ScreenShot20180709at3.47.14PM.pngA recent newspaper opinion piece by a North Dakota University System faculty member raised the alarm that North Dakota colleges and universities will no longer be
able to survive on traditional first year students. From the community college perspective, my response is... duh.
BSC not only saw this coming, we’ve been dealing with it for some time. We constantly evolve to better serve the increasing numbers of part-time working students, and the incumbent workers looking for a change. You’ll see in these pages that we’ve expanded programs to meet demand (see the cybersecurity BAS story on page 14), we’re expanding our mission to become a polytechnic (page 12), and we’ve established satellite campuses for nursing (page 15). All these examples ensure we are meeting our students’ where they are with the education they need.
You’ll also find inspiring stories inside these pages that speak to the role BSC plays as an accessible, affordable and high quality launching pad for the people of this region, and beyond. BSC serves our students well, and I am proud to be part of it.

Thanks for reading.

Marnie Piehl, Editor