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BSC faculty member publishes papers

Published: Jan 28 2016
BSC faculty member publishes papers - Photo
Two academic journals have published research articles by Theresa Felderman, associate professor of psychology at Bismarck State College.
Felderman documented the practice of inter-teaching in her introductory psychology classes over a two-year period.
Inter-teaching is an instructional method that enables students to work together in partnerships with teacher facilitation. The intent is to enhance learning through group discussion, advance preparation using a study guide and frequent exams.
The result of Felderman’s research on the relationship between students’ exam scores and number of exams appeared in the Journal of College Teaching and Learning. Her second article on student test scores compared with inter-teaching and lecture settings was published in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice.
“I have found inter-teaching to be empirically effective in enhancing student learning and also the majority of my student’s surveyed prefer inter-teaching over traditional lecture,” Felderman said.

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