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Designers battle it out on stage for creative supremacy | Bismarck State College

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Designers battle it out on stage for creative supremacy

Published: Apr 22 2019
Designers battle it out on stage for creative supremacy - Photo
The stage is set for Shortcuts, a real-time design battle showcasing creative skills and pitting BSC faculty against students and agencies against industry. While the hope is that things don’t get physical, spectators will have the chance to cheer on their favorite designer on Thursday, April 25 in a live, fast-paced design battle where only the strongest survive.
Shortcuts, a 2019 BSC Artsquest feature event, gives the audience a sneak peek into the creative process designers use while quickly solving problems using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software.
Like any true trilogy, Shortcuts is comprised of three episodes. Episodes will be moderated, and color commentary will be provided by BSC’s very own Jason Lueder, associate professor of graphic design.
EPISODE 1: Attack of the Clone Stamps
Team 1:                                                                          Team 2:
Tom Marple (BSC faculty)                  VS.                   Megan Schlosser (Flash Printing)
Lyndsey Scheurer (BSC student)                                Steve Heilman (BSC student)
Mary Lindsay (BSC student)                                        Bethany Reiten (BSC student)

In this challenge, two design teams will create a science fiction book cover from the supplied elements – four images, a title, a subtitle and an author name to include in the design. It would be nice to say the images will all work together and make sense, but where would be the fun in that? Teams will be given 30 minutes to design the cover with each designer getting 10 minutes to work.
EPISODE 2: Return of the Revisions
Team 1:                                                                  Team 2:
Sean Thorenson (BSC faculty)            VS.                  Nathan Engel (KK Bold)
Dylan Kahl (BSC student)                                             McKenzie Miller (BSC student)
Ty Betts (BSC student)                                                 Jacob Schwarz (BSC student)

In the second face-off, designers will create a logo using elements suggested by the audience. Once the name is chosen, designers will brainstorm, sketch and ultimately design a logo from scratch in just 30 minutes. While the teams work, audience members will have the opportunity to create a logo using the same criteria for a chance to win a prize.

EPISODE 3: The Phantom Layer Mask
Team 1:                                                                          Team 2:
Jade Neumann (Basin Electric)           VS.                 Clark Gion (Image Printing)
Deserae Mann (Mann Signs)                                       Kelli Metzger (Image Printing)

In the final battle, two teams will create a science fiction movie poster using four supplied images, a title and a tag line for the movie. Again, the images will prove to be a challenge, but these designers are pros so don’t doubt them. Teams will have 30 minutes to convince the audience to see this blockbuster film with their poster design. Can they do it?
Battles begin at 7 p.m. in the BSC National Energy Center of Excellence Bavendick Stateroom. Concessions will be sold with proceeds benefitting the BSC Graphic Design and Communications student club. Music will be provided by BSC Mystic Media. 

This design experience is more than just graphic design; it is a combination of art, networking, community and of course, epic creative battles. No one will be saved by the bell on this night.
Check out the designer/fighter profiles on Facebook prior to placing your bets!