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Fourth generation farmer is rooted in Regent | Bismarck State College

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Fourth generation farmer is rooted in Regent

Published: Jul 13 2018
 Fourth generation farmer is rooted in Regent - Photo
Growing up, Carter Honeyman of Regent, N.D., knew he wanted to join his father and grandfather on the family farm his great-grandfather homesteaded in 1904. The secondborn of Gary and Tia Honeyman’s five children, Carter says, “I was always out in the field with my dad. I never liked being in the house; I knew that’s what I wanted to do right away.”

That commitment to the farm was tested his senior year of high school. In March of 2016, about the time things ramp up for farmers, Carter’s dad contracted leukemia and Carter took charge. While Carter’s classmates were planning for prom and counting down the days to graduation,  Carter was seeding and spraying.

His teachers allowed him to come and go as needed throughout the spring. His dad continued to do the paperwork, but Carter and the family’s four hired men” did all the dirty work getting the job done.“

Gary spent a total of 240 days in Fargo and Minneapolis receiving treatment. Many of those days, father and son conferred via telephone, but there were times Gary was so ill that even talking was tough. So Carter called the shots.

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