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Plans and modifications made to keep students safe and healthy in BSC residence halls | Bismarck State College

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Plans and modifications made to keep students safe and healthy in BSC residence halls

Published: Aug 04 2020
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Each year, hundreds of students move into the residence halls on the Bismarck State College campus with a vision of what they want their college life to look like. BSC is making all the necessary modifications to keep students safe and healthy while still giving them the campus life experience they want and deserve.

Students who have concerns with living on campus are asked to discuss options with BSC Student & Residence Life.

BSC Move-In Days

This year, students will move on to the BSC campus over multiple days to control the number of people entering a single building at one time. Move-in days will take place August 21-23 – the weekend prior to the first day of class on Aug. 24.

Protocols are in place for BSC Move-In Days to better control traffic and congestion and to keep our campus residents and their families safe. Students MUST register for a check-in appointment on the BSC Self Service page in Campus Connection. Students who do not register will be assigned a time. Students check their email for additional information and instructions. Someone from BSC Student & Residence Life will contact individual residents prior to their assigned move in day to answer questions and provide additional information.

The BSC Welcome Weekend schedule can be found HERE.

Coronavirus and Quarantine in the Residence Halls

Residential students will be asked to submit a quarantine plan before they move into the residence halls. When possible, students are asked to move off campus should they need to self-quarantine during the school year. When that is not possible, rooms will be set aside for residential students who need to isolate and cannot move off campus. Meals will be delivered to that room and the Student Life team will provide daily wellness checks to students in these situations.

Dining During Self-isolation

sick-tray system is in place to aid residential students not feeling well or with flu/COVID-19 symptoms or concerns that require self-isolation. Residents will fill out a form to arrange for sick tray options. Residents may arrange with a friend for meals to be dropped off. Where needed, a BSC Student Life staff member will drop meals off outside of the student’s room.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Residence halls will have a number of disinfectant stations for student use; and additional sanitation by campus custodians has been scheduled. The number of students in lounges will be limited, and furniture in common areas has been reconfigured to facilitate social distancing.


Safety plans and guidelines are being developed for every risk level of the BSC COVID-19 Monitoring System. Changes and reminders will be provided directly to residents throughout the school year via email, the BSC website, the Mystic Mobile app, campus TV monitors, social media, and campus signage.