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Mystics Mystery

Mystic MascotIt was opening day on campus at Bismarck State College. Students were moving in; professors were getting their classrooms prepped and everything was going perfectly. It was a calm day but then out of nowhere, everything changed and darkness filled the sky. Thunder roared in the clouds above and rain poured onto the streets below. Hefty winds tore through campus and lighting surrounded the area. Everyone stayed hunkered down in classrooms and dorms except BSC’s, Dr. Walter J Swensen. He scurried through campus making sure everyone was safe and things were accounted for until he saw a flash of light that would change BSC history… forever.
As the flash turned dull, Swensen realized it was a strike of lighting right on the edge of campus. Swensen approached and noticed an enormous asteroid-like crater had emerged from the strike leaving something right in its path.
When the smoke cleared, Swenson came upon a young boy with bright green eyes… thus the mystic was born.
As the boy grew up, people started to realize he was something the world had never seen before. He showed immaculate signs of strength and sorcery all while being comical, goofy and slightly mischievous.
Until one day, another flash of light appeared, and the boy was gone. In an instant the mysterious lad had vanished and was never seen again…until now!
After 75 years, the Mystic has returned to BSC stronger and more powerful than ever. He has made it his mission to defend campus from any Wildcat, Buffalo, Thunderbird, or Pioneer that seeks to attack.
As he’s grown, so has his beard and wisdom. You can find him lurking through campus in his enchanted green robe and wizardly boots causing mischief and casting spells upon students.
But after being gone for so long, the question still remains…

What is his name?