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Mystics Mystery

Mystic MascotIt was opening day on campus at Bismarck State College. Students were moving in; professors were getting their classrooms prepped and everything was going perfectly.

It was a very calm day when out of nowhere, everything changed and darkness filled the sky. Thunder roared in the clouds above and rain poured onto the streets below. Hefty winds tore through campus and lighting surrounded the area. Everyone stayed hunkered down where they were, except BSC Dean Walter J. Swensen. He scurried through campus making sure everyone was safe and every one was accounted for. It was then he saw a flash of light that would change BSC history… forever.
As the flash dimmed, Swensen realized the strike of lighting occurred at the edge of campus. Swensen approached and found an enormous, asteroid-like crater had been left by the strike. Smoke and sparks rose from the area.
As the smoke cleared, Swensencould see what appeared to be a young boy with bright green eyes walking from the crater toward him… and thus, the first Mystic arrived.
As the boy grew older, people started to realize he was something the world had never seen before. He showed incredible signs of strength and sorcery, all the while being comical, goofy and slightly mischievous. Until one day, another flash of light appeared, and as dramatically as the boy had arrived, he was gone. In the years since, he has returned in similar forms. More mature versions with new powers. The same Mystic or the descendants of the first Mystic? The college was never sure, but he came and vanished over the course of history.

And now, he has returned to us again! 

In the year 2020, a year like no other, The Mystic has returned home to BSC, stronger and more powerful than ever. He felt our need and has made it his mission to defend MysticNation from any Wildcat, Buffalo, Thunderbird, or Pioneer that seeks to attack. 
The Mystic has grown in beard length and wisdom. His magic is stronger. He appears on campus in his enchanted green robe and wizardly boots causing mischief and casting spells upon students, and bringing delight and some joyful mayhem to the masses.
Over the years he's been known by many names -- The Mystic, Magical Morris, and Mystic Ian. He is wiser and stronger than ever before, but he will not tell us whether he is the first Mystic or the son of the son of the son of that first Mystic. He also will not tell us his name. And so, the students of BSC must name him and claim this returned Mystic with all his powers as our own.

What is his name?

* BSC, Dean Walter J. Swensen and The Mystic can neither confirm or deny the facts of this story.