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Digital Hive

Student Club and Beyond

THE DIGITAL HIVE is a student club on the BSC campus where students can come together to collaborate on projects using tools and technology they may not have access to otherwise.

Vision and Purpose

The vision for THE DIGITAL HIVE is to expand beyond BSC and into the community to provide an environment where digital creators, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs of various backgrounds come together to design and create tomorrow.


THE DIGITAL HIVE, links talent to opportunity.
• Creating network opportunities
• Providing a collaborative environment
• Embracing curiosity
• Fostering new ideas and innovation

Digital Economic Development

THE DIGITAL HIVE provides an ecosystem with access to digital technology and a collaborative space that
promotes the flow of knowledge to support innovation and the emerging “gig economy.”

THE DIGITAL HIVE is a catalyst for digital economic growth, where innovation is nurtured, ideas materialize and become real.

Digital Community

Collaboration is the most effective form of learning and there are no limits to the ideas and opportunities that can emerge from the Digital Hive. THE DIGITAL HIVE is a community where everyone works together to create a stronger tomorrow.

K-12 Digital Hive

The Digital Hive will empower students to explore interests, discover passions, and strengthen minds for the “gig economy.” Educating the digital leaders of the future.

Within THE DIGITAL HIVE, innovators will gather to pursue their passions all while embracing the vision of North Dakota’s Polytechnic Institution (BSC).

Within THE DIGITAL HIVE, communication and collaboration fly free, education and community unite, and innovation thrives.