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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the advancement and integration of increased automation, improved communication, and production of smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention. The combination of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things makes Industry 4.0 possible.  
BSC Industry 4.0 Internet of Things iconic chart
When computers were introduced into Industry 3.0, it was disruptive. Now, and into the future as Industry 4.0 unfolds, business and industry will minimize waste and become more efficient and productive. Ultimately, it's the network of smart machines that are digitally connected with one another, and create and share information, that results in the true power of Industry 4.0. 

Bismarck State College is engaging with our business and industry partners to identify leading companies who are adopting the technologies of Industry 4.0. Through these partnerships, highly responsive workforce development programs will be offered. The programs will provide value and opportunities to upskill the current workforce and help employers remain competitive. Employers will also be able to recruit new employees with the right skills to take on the growing responsibilities of Industry 4.0.