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Frolf Course | Bismarck State College

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Frolf Course

Playing Frisbee Golf (Frolf)

Frisbee golf is played like traditional golf.
Make your first throw from the tee area.

Throw again from where your disc comes to rest, allowing players farthest from the basket to throw first.

Keep throwing until your disc comes to rest in the basket. Count one stroke for each throw.

If your disc lands on or across any out-of-bounds area, make your next throw from the last place your disc was in-bounds - and add a one-stroke penalty.

Frolf discs can be checked out at the BSC Library with your BSC Student ID. The check-out period is one week and can be renewed for an additional week. Frolf course maps are also available at the Library, as well as online and on the course. Be sure to check the BSC Library hours.

FrisbeeBSCssmd5.jpgCourse Information

18 Holes

Par: 55

Distance: 4,752 ft.

Established: 2017

Created and funded by Bismarck State College Student Government Association

General Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Playing frisbee golf at Bismarck State College is at your own risk. BSC is not accountable for any incidents or accidents occurring while playing this course.
  • The course is open from dawn to dusk.
  • Bismarck State College is an alcohol and tobacco free campus. Please refrain from bringing these items to our campus.
  • Bring water.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear to play the course.
  • Please spot for each other when playing to avoid accidents. Be courteous and aware of all campus visitors and residents. Never throw if you have a chance of hitting someone.
  • Use carry-in/carry-out principle on the course. (If you carry it in, carry it out.)
  • Please do not disturb any plant life or rain garden sanctuaries on campus.
  • In case of emergency dial 911.
Frolf Map

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