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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the officially recognized voice of students at Bismarck State College. Elected representatives of the student body work with BSC administration to meet student needs. SGA serves on a variety of committees and represents students at the meetings of the North Dakota Student Association. Members participate in and lead service projects and help at campus activities. They are the designated body to oversee SGA fees collection and distribution. Be a part of the campus experience through a legacy at SGA.
Contact: 701-224-5635

Advisors: Catherine Brule (701-224-2702) & Ethan Cates (701-224-5460)
Weekly Senate Meetings: Fridays at 12pm in the Alumni Room of the Student Union



Current Officers

*For a description of all officer positions, please see the bottom of the page.

President: Ian Broxmeyer
Vice President: Katelyn Sott

Open Upperclassman seats: 7
Open Freshman seats: 9

If you are interested in becoming a member of SGA, please contact Freshman Elections will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022.


SGA Membership

  • Senators: There are a total of 18 senators: 9 for upperclassmen and 9 for freshmen. Any student enrolled in at least one BSC course and maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is eligible to stand for election. Senators represent the student body at weekly SGA Senate meetings, hold weekly office hours, and participate in committees to address the concerns of students and achieve changes to campus.
  • Committee Chairs: Chairman roles preside over the various committees (including the Student Affairs Committee that works on special projects, and the Communication Committee). They then report back to the senate about the work the committee has completed.
  • NDSA Head Delegate: The NDSA Head Delegate organizes a delegation to participate in monthly North Dakota Student Association (NDSA) meetings which take place at various college campuses across the state. This office also works with the SGA Advisor to host an annual NDSA meeting here at BSC.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer must be a senator who has been at BSC for at least one full semester prior to taking office. The secretary-treasurer's role is to report the financial balances of SGA to the Senate, to record and post the minutes of all meetings.
  • Vice-President: The Vice-President's main role is to assist the President in carrying out their duties, and to carry out those duties in the President's absence.
  • President: The president must be a senator who is a full-time BSC student and has been at BSC at least one full semester prior to taking office. The President serves as the official representative of SGA and its administrative head, presides over Senate and Executive Board meetings, is a voting delegate to the NDSA, and is responsible for answering requests for information about SGA. The President is in regular communication with the SGA Advisor and BSC faculty and staff including the president and vice-presidents of the college.

SGA Office Hours

Senate Agendas

Senate Minutes