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Returning Applicants

RA Application for Returning Candidates

All questions on this application are required. Please read the questions carefully. Incomplete and falsified applications will not be considered for interviews. 
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.
* Last Name:   
* First Name:   
* Student ID:   
* Cell Phone Number:   
* Campus Email:  
* Cumulative GPA (Please check Campus Connection for your cumulative GPA, do not guess. Minimum 2.0 is required for hire)  
* Will you be a full-time student (at least 12 credits) for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 semesters?   

* Have you filled out the 2023-2024 Housing Application?   

* Have you previously lived on campus?   

* Do you have any previous felony convictions?   

Please provide a professional reference - an individual who can attest to your character and work ethic. 
  • Examples of acceptable references: employer, teacher, professor, religious leader, volunteer supervisor
  • Unacceptable references: parent or other family member, friend, fellow student, significant other, Residence Hall Coordinators
* Reference Name:   
* Reference Email: (your reference will receive a reference form to be returned to the hiring committee)   
* 1. Why are you interested in returning as a Resident Assistant?   
* 2. What skills did you discover last year that you're excited to share with students?   
* What would residents in your building consider to be your weakness and how would you work on it?   
* 4. Thinking about the programming you've implemented
4a. What was your most successful program? 
* 4b. What was your best bulletin board?   
* 4c. What part of your programming would you improve and how?   
* 5. What circumstances do you have that could affect your employment? (Graduation, time off, outside work, etc)  
* What part of your performance as a Resident Assistant makes you the proudest?   
* Mandatory RA training is from August 7-20, 2023. Are you available for the entirety of this mandatory training?