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RA Application

RA Application for New Candidates

All questions on this application are required. Please read the questions carefully. Incomplete and falsified applications will not be considered for interviews.
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.
* Last Name:  
* First Name:  
* Student ID:  
* Phone:  
* Campus Email:  
* Cumulative GPA:
(Please check Campus Connection for your cumulative GPA, do not guess. Minimum 2.5 is required for hire.)
* Will you be a full-time student for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters?  

* Have you filled out the 2022-2023 Housing Application?  

* Have you previously lived on campus?  

* Do you have any previous felony convictions?  

Please list your 3 most recent employers. If you have fewer than 3, please print N/A in the box. Include: the employer’s name, the dates you were employed, your job title, and a rundown of your job duties.

* Employer 1   
* Employment 1 Dates Employed:   
* Employment 1 Job Title:  
Employment 1 Job Duties:
Employer 2
Employment  2 Dates Employed:
Employment 2 Title:
Employment 2 Job Duties:
Employer 3
Employment 3 Dates Employed:
Employment 3 Title:
Employment 3 Job Duties:

Please provide a professional reference - an individual who can attest to your character and work ethic. Applicants who do not provide an acceptable reference will not be considered for an interview.

  • Examples of acceptable references: employer, teacher, professor, religious leader, volunteer supervisor.

  •  Unacceptable references: parent or other family member, friend, fellow student, significant other, Resident Assistants and Residence Hall Coordinators.

* Reference Name:  
* Reference Email (your reference will receive a reference form to be returned to the Student Life Office):  
* 1. What are the top two reasons for your interest in applying for the Resident Assistant position?
* 2. How would you develop personal relationships with your residents?:  
* 3. How would you serve as a communicator between students and employees, such as Residence Hall Coordinators or other administrators?
* 4. Why do you believe residence halls are important to the BSC community?  
* 5. The RA role is a challenging role. Based on what you know about the role, what do you feel will be the most challenging aspect of the position?
* 6. What personal or professional trait do you consider to be your greatest strength and why?  
* 7. What personal or professional trait do you consider your greatest weakness and why?  
* 8. RA Training is from August 8-21 2022. Are you available for the entirety of this mandatory training? If not, please explain.