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Returning RA Application

All questions on this application are required. Please read the questions carefully. Incomplete and falsified applications will not be considered for interviews.
To ensure the timely processing of your form, please enter all of the necessary information.
Last Name
First Name
Student ID
Email Address
* Cumulative GPA
Please check Campus Connection for your cumulative GPA, do not guess. Minimum 2.5 is required for hire.
* Will you be a full-time student on the BSC campus for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters?  

Please provide a professional reference - an individual who can attest to your character and work ethic. Applicants who do not provide an acceptable reference will not be considered for an interview.

  • Examples of acceptable references: employer, teacher, professor, religious leader, volunteer supervisor.

  • Unacceptable references: parent or other family member, friend, fellow student, significant other, Resident Assistants and Residence Hall Coordinators.

* Reference Name  
* Reference E-mail  
* 1. Why are you interested in returning as a Resident Assistant next year?
* 2. What have you learned about yourself from serving as an RA this past year?
* 3. What skills did you discover last year that you are excited to share with students next year?
* 4. What have you left unfinished in your position, or in your personal growth?
* 5. What would the residents in your building consider to be your weaknesses?
* 6. How would you work on these weaknesses next year?
* 7. Thinking about the programming you have implemented this year:
a. Which was the most successful program, and why?
b. Which do you feel was your best board, and why?
c. What have you learned about yourself through your programming experiences?
d. What new programming ideas would you like to implement next year?
* 8. What circumstances do you have that could affect your employment? (graduation, time off you need, outside work, etc.)
* 9. Based on last years’ experience, how would you do your job differently?
* 10. What part of your performance as an RA makes you the proudest?
* 11. Listed are five aspects of the RA role we believe to be among the most important. In the spaces below, please reflect on how you have performed in these areas over the past year.
a. Administrator (i.e. organization, ability to meet deadlines, responsibility, timeliness, perception of building needs, communication)
b. Mentor (i.e. empathy, wisdom, personal vulnerability, guidance)
c. Enforcer (i.e. balance of student/staff roles, communication of policies, integrity)
d. Programmer (i.e. creativity, enthusiasm, resourcefulness)
e. Team Member (i.e. encouragement, communication, loyalty, relationship with RAs/RHCs/Student and Residence Life Staff)
* 12. RA Training is August 14-22, 2021. Are you available for the entirety of this mandatory training? If not, please explain.