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Read & Write

Read&Write is a comprehensive educational tool designed to help students with everyday tasks like reading, writing, research and studying. Bismarck State College has purchased an unlimited site license so that our students, faculty and staff can install and benefit from these tools on their personal computers at no charge. To install the Read&Write software, please see the instructions below. Installation files can only be accessed by an active student account.

Installation of Read&Write:
Some Features of Read&Write:
  • Hear documents and web pages read aloud to improve reading comprehension.
  • Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries.
  • Develop writing skills with the word prediction.
  • Turn text into audio files (MP3) so students can listen while on the go.
  • Research and studying tools that assist with finding, collecting, proofing, and citing sources.
  • Highlight information, and collect your notes, which include the original source.

Read&Write Resources:

Smart Pen

The Livescribe Smartpen writes like a regular pen, but it records not only what is written, but also what is heard. It synchronizes the audio recording with the recorded writing.

The SA Office has a limited number of Livescribe Smartpens that can be checked out for note taking purposes.

Visit the for more information about this technology.

Reader Pen

A reader pen reads text out loud with a human-like digital voice and is designed to promote independent learning.

The SA Office has a limited number of Reader Pens that can be checked out for reading accommodation purposes.

For more information about this technology, visit

Glean Note Taking

Glean is an easy-to-use tool that assists students in becoming independent and efficient note takers.

Visit Glean website for more information.


The smart pens, reader pens, and Glean notetaking software were funded through a grant from the North Dakota State Council on Developmental Disabilities.