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Examining the Culture of College Drinking
In response to the increasingly complex issue of alcohol abuse among college students, the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism created the Task Force on College Drinking in 1998. NIAAA has maintained a small portfolio of grants on this issue for many years; however, this Task Force represents an effort to address this issue in the most coordinated, comprehensive manner possible.

What is Alcohol e-CHECK UP TO-GO?
Alcohol e-CHECKUP TO GO is an interactive web survey that allows BSC students to enter information about their drinking patterns and receive feedback about their use of alcohol. The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete and is self-guided. Students can also speak with a BSC Counselor for additional individualized support and feedback after completing the e-CHECKUP TO GO.

If I Drink Alcohol - How Much Is Too Much?
If you consume alcoholic beverages, it's important to know whether your drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful. Answering these questions will take only a few minutes, and will generate personalized results based on your age, gender and drinking patterns. Your responses are completely confidential and anonymous.

North Dakota Tobacco Quitline
North Dakota Tobacco Quitline is a free telephone-based service available to help North Dakota smokers and smokeless-tobacco users quit using tobacco.  

The Partnership for a Drug Free America
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a nonprofit coalition of communication, health, medical and educational professionals working to reduce illicit drug use and help people live healthy, drug-free lives.

Parents Lead
Parents LEAD (Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss) is an evidence-based underage drinking prevention program targeting parents through statewide, web-based communication.