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Safe Colleges Required Training | Bismarck State College

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Safe Colleges Required Training

As you transition to campus life, the decisions you make and the consequences of those decisions will directly impact your success at BSC. We have a commitment to foster a safe, welcoming and respectful campus environment where all students can be successful. 

What You Need To Know

  • BSC is an alcohol, illegal drug and tobacco free campus.
  • SafeColleges training is REQUIRED. 

SafeColleges prepares students for college social situations and healthy relationships. 
  • Completion period is September 2020 through October 2020. 
  • Course time is approximately 2.5 hours long for students age 17-24. 
  • Course time is approximately 1.5 hours long for students age 25 and older or ONLINE only students.
  • Anyone that does not complete the course will be unable to enroll in future classes. 
  • Completion is required for ALL incoming students. 
Students are expected to review and abide by: 

How to Access Safe Colleges Required Training

  1. Using Chrome, log in to your BSC email
  2. Open the "SafeColleges Student Online Training" email
  3. Click the link to complete the course
  4. Your username is the first 7 digits of your student ID


Call the MACC (Mystic Advising & Counseling Center) at 701.224.5752
or email at