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Veteran Responsibilities

Generally, Veterans using their GI Bill education benefits must do the following:

If you use MGIB Chapter 1606 or Chapter 30 benefits, verify your attendance on or after the last day of each month that you attend training. This can be accomplished by using the WAVE system at: or by calling 1-877-823-2378.  If you use Chapter 33 benefits, verify your attendance on or after the last day of each month that you attend training by either responding to the VA's text (you must opt-in to the VA's text message that was sent after your classes were certified) or by calling 888-442-4551.

Take only classes that pertain to your degree plan. The BSC School Certifying Official (SCO) cannot certify enrollment for classes that do not pertain to your degree plan.

When registering for classes watch for short-term courses. Remember that the VA will only pay you for the dates you are actually in classes.
Weeks of class Minimum Credits Needed Minimum Credits Needed Minimum Credits Needed
  Full-time status 3/4 time status 1/2 time status
1 1 N/A N/A
2 2 1 N/A
3 2 N/A 1
4 3 2 N/A
5 4 3 2
6 4 3 2
7 5 4 3
8 6 4 3
9 6 5 3
10 7 5 4
11 8 6 4
12 8 6 4
13 9 7 5
14 10 7 5
15 12 9 6

Attend class on a regular basis and maintain satisfactory academic progress (2.0 GPA). The last date of attendance in any failed class is reported to the VA.  Lack of attendance can result in the student owing a debt to the VA.

Notify BSC Veterans Services if you change your degree plan (major). An audit of previously earned credit that applies to your new degree plan must be completed by the SCO.

If you're unable to complete your coursework because of military duty, a hardship withdrawal may be available from BSC. View the criteria and procedure for dropping or withdrawing.

Notify the BSC Veterans Services office when you add or drop classes. The SCO will report these changes to the VA in order to prevent an overpayment of benefits. Possible overpayment reasons and causes are as follows:

    • Dropping below credit limits
    • Withdrawing from a course(s) without mitigating circumstances
    • Repeating a class in which you previously received a passing grade

    • You will have to refund the overpayment to the VA if you quit school or drop below credit limits or
    • Your future payments will be reduced until the overpayment is paid off

Report any classes that you are repeating to the SCO. The VA will not pay for and the SCO cannot certify enrollment in a course that is being repeated where the initial grade was a "D" solely for the purpose of raising your GPA. If a higher grade is needed for entrance into a program of study or for graduation from a program, please contact the SCO for further instructions.

If you receive both chapter 33 (Post 911) benefits and Federal tuition assistance, you must provide the SCO with a copy of your approved tuition assistance (TA) form. Money from TA must be deducted from chapter 33 benefits when the SCO completes an enrollment certification.