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VA & Military Resources

Army One Source Tutoring (free)

      VA Education Benefits Toll Free Number:   1-888-442-4551

GI Bill Web Site

      General Information (Other VA benefits):   1-800-827-1000

WAVE- Web Automated Verification of Enrollment:   1-877-823-2378  

Student Veterans of America                                                                   

Bismarck VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic                              

Burleigh County Veterans Service701-222-6698

Morton/Oliver County Veterans Service:  701-667-3365

North Dakota State Veterans Benefits

Key to Career Success                                                                          Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

Wounded Warrior Resource Center1-888-997-2586                     1-800-273-TALK (8255). Press "1" to get 
                                                                                                                  connected to the VA hotline.   

Air Force Website                                                                                   US Navy Website

US Army Website                                                                                   House Committee on Veterans Affairs

US Coast Guard Website                                                                      US Department of Defense

US Marine Corp Website                                                            

North Dakota State Approving Agency:

      State Approving Agency

Exam and Licensure Fee Reimbursement Form